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Welcome to Mr. Bowtie, the wooden bow ties and wooden watches store. We are glad you have found us and we hope you like our wooden accessories. We are working to offer you traditional accessories with a touch of originality, and this is why we mainly work with wood.

Mr. Bowtie is an online store. We do not have physical stores for the moment, but we will try to answer all your questions as soon and as accurately as possible, so you can receive a product that you love. So far, you can find up to 21 designs of wooden bow ties. You can enjoy really daring designs such as Dali, Thomas or Dorian. At the same time, you will find more traditional designs, such as Edward or Harry, or modern styles like Charles, Jude or George. All of our bow ties have a center piece of a color of your election. You can combine the color of the fabric with the color of the wood, so that you will have a very rare and customized bow tie of your own.

We have chosen wood as our main material because we love nature and we believe that natural materials give us brand new ways to reproduce traditional accessories. The woods we use are our favorites because of their colors and textures. We always try to offer you all the alternatives we can find. For this matter, we have chosen lighter tones like maple, middle tones like cherrywood or zebrawood, and darker ones, such as sapele or walnut. You can combine the uniqueness of the wood with different fabrics and styles. Could you ask for more?

Mr. Bowtie also has the best wooden watches you can find. We stick to wood as our principal material and we design original watches for both men and women. We have 9 different designs which are full of color and which are thought to fit different occasions. You can find wooden watches with leader straps, as well as with wooden links. Our variety of woods is even wider when it comes to our watches. You can find maple, or walnut, which we also use for our bow ties, but you can also discover other woods such as sandal wood, bamboo or ebony. At the same time, we try to introduce new techniques of wood treatment. This is what we also offer dyed woods in some of the designs, like Will, Kate or Simon.

One of our main challenges is that your receive your wooden bow tie as soon as possible. This is why we offer you worldwide 4-day shipping, considering they are sent from Spain. Our shipping costs are not very high and we can asure you will receive your original wooden accessory right on time.

Mr. Bowtie is the main wooden bow tie store in Spain. We are also very remarkable in the field of wooden watches and this is why we have decided to open our store to the rest of the world. We hope you can fin everything you are looking for in our website, and we will be happy to answer all your questions through our contact form or via email: info@mrbowtie.es