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  • Tie or Bow Tie

    Tie or bow tie, bow tie or tie, there the question. Many doubts invade us when we have to attend a celebration and we have to choose to dress for the occasion. While it is true that men have the ease of having to wear suits if or yes, women find themselves with endless options that makes the final choice very complicated.

    However, despite having few headaches with this subject, men always find a less worrying attitude, choose to wear a tie or bow tie. Both are elegant, have a myriad of models where they choose and fit in any event that stands out.

    If the great Andrés Montes were to be asked whether he chose a tie or bow tie, he would have made it clear. But Montes there is only one, so the rest continues with the same old doubt. Perhaps the man of the older age opt for the choice of the tie, for that which is more sober, traditional or elegant. And the young people, decide to innovate taking as a complement a bow tie.

    Recently, this dichotomy is added to another, the wooden bow ties like those we sell in Mr. Bowtie. How do you see, favoring the decision is even more difficult, but always for a good cause. Obviously, we have a clear decision to buy wooden bow ties or buy ties.

    Once you are clear that complement is going to accompany you, you have to choose which bow ties store or neckties you will choose. Important decision since there are a variety of models, which will not be easy for the add-on you are looking for the first time. Be patient and compare different options, the important thing is that you go to the point on the day of celebration.


  • Originals Bow Ties

    If you’re tired of always seeing the same fashion accessories on all the sites and you’re clear that it’s time to change, you’ve come to the right place. A place called Mr. Bowtie that will provide you with a complement of itself, but made of wood.

    That’s right, original bow-ties, or what is the same, wooden bow ties. And I also take the opportunity to share with you another complement for men and women like wooden watches, perfect to wear in any situation and with any clothing. But going back to the bows, are you going to tell me they are not original? To start the material of these original bow ties is quite novel. But at the same time, nothing uncomfortable.

    Which makes it ideal for you to accompany you during your night breaks or designated events. Also, they are original bowties so probably ask among your acquaintances, none know what they are. Do you know anything more original than that? In a world in which everything related to fashion, is more than sitting, have a product of these characteristics is all luxury

    Why buy original bow ties

    Firstly because it denotes personality in you. It shows that you do not let yourself be dragged by what you see on television. You have your own identity and you take what you like. Second because only the one that takes it, EXCLUSIVITY. That’s right, exclusivity within reach of all pockets. It has a wooden bow tie that makes it unique, because original bow ties like this one, are not seen every day on the street. In the third and last place, it will favor you. You will feel a more reasonable price. Go elegant and have class, not connected to have money. And Mr. Bowtie wants to give good faith of them with his collection of original bow-ties. Think about it if you want, but when everyone carries one, you will no longer feel exclusive or have the personality that you are sure to have. Handsome, handsome, you’ll feel safe, because Mr. Bowtie makes you look better.

  • Kids Bow Ties

    Now that the season of celebrations and weddings begins, not only do we have to worry about what we are going to wear, but also what we are going to wear to our children. If this is a boy, one of the alternatives is the kids bowties . Easy to combine, father and son can go with a similar look that will delight those present. In addition, you will change the typical look of always, for a more casual but equally elegant.

    This elegant addition to adults, can also be enjoyed by children. And it is that the bow ties for children can be of different classes, among which are wooden bow ties . In our shop you will find all kinds of models, some of which are designed for children. These bow-ties are specifically the Charles Sapeli andbecause of their size and weight, are perfectly designed to be carried by a child . Just 12 cm long and weighing 16 grams, they make it an idea complement for the little ones to go from the most elegant to any act.

    Where to buy kids bow ties?

    Kids bow ties are one of the trends this year, and if they are made of wood, even more. Buy bow ties was never so easy and as cheap as in Mr Bowtie . Become one with our models and enjoy our discounts. In about 72 hours (Only Spain) you will have your bow tie at home with the shipping costs included in the price.

    If you have any questions about us, also check our FAQ. Or, read some of our articles wedding bow tie and suites with bow ties . Do not think any more and get yourself a little bow tie for kids in our online store.

  • Wedding Bow Ties

    The wedding season begins and every year the same question is repeated. What do I wear? Neckties or wooden bow tie ? Yes, you heard right, this year one of the trends is to buy wooden bow ties.

    It really is a problem to have to go to so many weddings after a year, especially because if it is from the same circle of people, there are those who do not see well that you repeat suit – or dress in the case of The girls. So, between being pretty flirtatious, and with popular pressure blowing the back of the neck, we are forced to innovate. There are years in which fortune is not on our side, this year fortunately yes, this year there is a trend that are known as wooden bow tie . This complement, nothing well-known until the moment, allows innovating with originality without losing that touch cool . So much so, that you are probably the first to wear an article of these characteristics.

    How is a wooden bow tie

    So at first glance, it may seem weird. Of what they are made, you will ask some. Well, there are different woods with which you can carry out this craftsmanship work. The main ones are walnut, sapeli, cherry and maple. Each one has its own personality, since simply with its darkness or clarity they say much of how it is the person who takes it. In addition, the different forms of design that a wooden bow tie can adopt are so different that it is very difficult to match someone who wears One just like you.
    Another question that is usually asked is whether they weigh a lot or are uncomfortable to wear. And taking into account that their weight round, without reaching, to the 20 grams, is really complicated that they can get to bother. In addition its size of width and length is the same, and sometimes smaller, that of the normal bow ties.

    For this reason and many more, do not wait for anyone to get ahead of you. Be the first and mark a trend that will surely triumph in a short time

  • Suites with bow ties

    The wedding season is approaching and the dilemma of all the years presents itself. Suits with bow tie or with a tie. Depending on the place and the environment the final decision will take one way or another. But to make matters worse, this year adds another alternative to the two mentioned above, suits with wooden bow tie . This is friends, for a while the bow ties have become a very recurrent complement in both young and old. The most normal thing so far was that the material was the cloth, but the alternative of the wood is gathering strength among all types of public.

    It really does not have anything to do with wooden bow ties with your style. These are worth for all types of clothing and ways of being. It is not a trend that should fit into the hipster fashion, but any other type of style is fully compatible with wearing one of these accessories.

    But let’s go back to the tendency to wear suits with bow ties. As we know, fashions are cyclical and everything that was taken in its day, is taken back today. And with the bow-ties was not going to be an exception, and is that this complement, as we will explain later, has been for some years now in the closet of all Spanish men. In addition, they are also increasingly women who decide to carry this article. Whether with a shirt, male style, as directly tied to the neck and well fixed so that it does not dance.

    Wearing bow tie suits is becoming more common

    Wearing bow tie suits was once very common. As always in fashion, everything comes back, and it is for just over two years when they have returned to be in the closets of all Spanish homes. Also, no need to wait for a celebration to wear a bow tie, any day of every day or any weekend, is a good opportunity to wear one of them.

    Bow tie or tie, tie or bow tie, that’s the point. Maybe the original bow ties are winning the game in recent times to the traditional tie, but as we said before, fashions come back. So in the meantime, let’s enjoy the ones we have to take now. We will have time to think about the kind of accessories that we must carry with us next year.

    It may be another complement of wood, or other material. But the material does not matter, the important thing is that the bow tie costumes will always be worn. So, do not be afraid that the product you buy can be fashionable, because for a long time to come, you can always use it to cover it at any time.

    And finally, add that you should not wait for a special occasion to slip into a good suit and complement it with what you like. It is not necessary to have a wedding, a baptism or a communion to be a Gentleman.