Kids Bow Ties

Now that the season of celebrations and weddings begins, not only do we have to worry about what we are going to wear, but also what we are going to wear to our children. If this is a boy, one of the alternatives is the kids bowties . Easy to combine, father and son can go with a similar look that will delight those present. In addition, you will change the typical look of always, for a more casual but equally elegant.

This elegant addition to adults, can also be enjoyed by children. And it is that the bow ties for children can be of different classes, among which are wooden bow ties . In our shop you will find all kinds of models, some of which are designed for children. These bow-ties are specifically the Charles Sapeli andbecause of their size and weight, are perfectly designed to be carried by a child . Just 12 cm long and weighing 16 grams, they make it an idea complement for the little ones to go from the most elegant to any act.

Where to buy kids bow ties?

Kids bow ties are one of the trends this year, and if they are made of wood, even more. Buy bow ties was never so easy and as cheap as in Mr Bowtie . Become one with our models and enjoy our discounts. In about 72 hours (Only Spain) you will have your bow tie at home with the shipping costs included in the price.

If you have any questions about us, also check our FAQ. Or, read some of our articles wedding bow tie and suites with bow ties . Do not think any more and get yourself a little bow tie for kids in our online store.