Tie or Bow Tie

Tie or bow tie, bow tie or tie, there the question. Many doubts invade us when we have to attend a celebration and we have to choose to dress for the occasion. While it is true that men have the ease of having to wear suits if or yes, women find themselves with endless options that makes the final choice very complicated.

However, despite having few headaches with this subject, men always find a less worrying attitude, choose to wear a tie or bow tie. Both are elegant, have a myriad of models where they choose and fit in any event that stands out.

If the great Andrés Montes were to be asked whether he chose a tie or bow tie, he would have made it clear. But Montes there is only one, so the rest continues with the same old doubt. Perhaps the man of the older age opt for the choice of the tie, for that which is more sober, traditional or elegant. And the young people, decide to innovate taking as a complement a bow tie.

Recently, this dichotomy is added to another, the wooden bow ties like those we sell in Mr. Bowtie. How do you see, favoring the decision is even more difficult, but always for a good cause. Obviously, we have a clear decision to buy wooden bow ties or buy ties.

Once you are clear that complement is going to accompany you, you have to choose which bow ties store or neckties you will choose. Important decision since there are a variety of models, which will not be easy for the add-on you are looking for the first time. Be patient and compare different options, the important thing is that you go to the point on the day of celebration.