Wedding Bow Ties

The wedding season begins and every year the same question is repeated. What do I wear? Neckties or wooden bow tie ? Yes, you heard right, this year one of the trends is to buy wooden bow ties.

It really is a problem to have to go to so many weddings after a year, especially because if it is from the same circle of people, there are those who do not see well that you repeat suit – or dress in the case of The girls. So, between being pretty flirtatious, and with popular pressure blowing the back of the neck, we are forced to innovate. There are years in which fortune is not on our side, this year fortunately yes, this year there is a trend that are known as wooden bow tie . This complement, nothing well-known until the moment, allows innovating with originality without losing that touch cool . So much so, that you are probably the first to wear an article of these characteristics.

How is a wooden bow tie

So at first glance, it may seem weird. Of what they are made, you will ask some. Well, there are different woods with which you can carry out this craftsmanship work. The main ones are walnut, sapeli, cherry and maple. Each one has its own personality, since simply with its darkness or clarity they say much of how it is the person who takes it. In addition, the different forms of design that a wooden bow tie can adopt are so different that it is very difficult to match someone who wears One just like you.
Another question that is usually asked is whether they weigh a lot or are uncomfortable to wear. And taking into account that their weight round, without reaching, to the 20 grams, is really complicated that they can get to bother. In addition its size of width and length is the same, and sometimes smaller, that of the normal bow ties.

For this reason and many more, do not wait for anyone to get ahead of you. Be the first and mark a trend that will surely triumph in a short time