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Mr. Bowtie is the only brand that can offer you more than 20 designs.  All of them are made while thinking about our costumers, so they can all fit different likes and styles. Mr. Bowtie also has the best wooden watches, handmade with lots of care and love. In this way, we can also offer originality and good quality to a growing female public.

Mr. Bowtie is a wooden bow tie brand established in 2016. We work hard so that any public can have any of your products. For this purpose, we offer the best quality, style, a philosophy based on nature and uniqueness, as well as the best prices.

A wooden bow tie is unique because its materials are unique as well. Every piece of wood has its own colors and grains which, combined with great designs, can make actual pieces of art. Our accessories can fit any kind of event and can give the original touch to your outfit. This is possible because every wood and design have their own personality, so you can choose what best fits the occasion, from a gathering with friends or family to a wedding or a formal party.

But a wooden bow tie is not just about wood. To give you the widest range of products, we have developed different styles and designs. This is how we reach every person, no matter what are their preferences in style. You can find informal designs, such as Dorian or Jude, which are great for spring and summer outfits because of their lightness and fresh design. If you have classic looks, our Edward design is perfect for you. This wooden bow tie has traditional shapes and it is made of different types of wood, such as maple wood, cherrywood, zebra wood, walnut and sapeli. Finally, if you are looking for a very original accessory, you are going to love our Dali wooden bow tie, made for daring dandies just like you.

As you can see, Mr. Bowtie’s principal aim is to offer you a wide range of products, so you can choose any wooden bow tie for any occasion, with the best prices, quality and style. Our work is to bring a wooden bow tie into everyone’s lives, because no body can no longer dress up without a wooden bow tie.

If you are fed up with dull ties, you can be original, modern and elegant with our wooden bow ties. No one will ignore it when you wear it, so don’t wait to get your own wooden bow tie.

Wooden bow tie features

If you think our bow ties are uncomfortable and heavy, you are certainly wrong. In fact, a wooden bow tie is as comfortable as an ordinary bow tie. In the first place, they have an elastic strap to hold the bow tie to you neck. This strap can be adjusted to the size of your neck and it has a magnetic clasp, so it is easy to manage.

The size of the wooden bow tie is also the same as the traditional one, so it is actually very comfortable. Because of its lightness, you will forget you are wearing a bowtie. It only weighs 15 to 19 grams, but you can check all its dimensions in each of the product sheets.

The most important feature of this accessory is its material, because wood is par of the essence of Mr. Bowtie and all of our products. Maple wood, cherrywood, zebra wood, sapeli and walnut are the kinds of wood that have been chosen to give shape to our wooden bow ties. All of these bow ties are treated manually and carefully, so we can offer a unique product to all of our costumers.

Fabric is also an important part of a wooden bow tie. Each one of them has a middle stripe made of fabric, so that it can give more personality and color to the wooden bow tie. You can choose different fabrics, such as black, blue, red, gold, maroon or black with white dots. We try to give you different options so you can combine the wooden bow tie with the rest of your outfit.

Uniqueness has the shape of a wooden bow tie

When you talks about original bow ties, you are talking about wooden bow ties. This is a reality nowadays and it is becoming greater. The uniqueness of wooden bow ties come from their material: wood. Its grains, textures and colors are the main attraction of these bow ties, which are the most original accessory in the present, wether you like them or not. However, there are many people that still don’t know anything about wooden bow ties or don’t understand how they are even possible. One of Mr. Bowtie’s main goals is to demonstrate that wooden bow ties are the best accessory nowadays.

A wooden bow tie demonstrates that not everything has been discovered in the present. It is possible to find innovation in fashion, and this is just what you can get from a wooden bow tie. Originality in style and materials is the main feature of our bow ties, and you can add this to your look with very little effort!

A wooden bowtie is a proof of exclusiveness. This is possible because many people still don’t know wooden bow ties. Our wooden accessories also mean originality, great personality and self-confidence. When you wear a wooden bow tie you demonstrate you have a unique and exquisite taste, and this will make you look outstanding.

A wooden bow tie is perfect for every person. Mr. Bowtie brings original fashion to everyone, no matter their condition. We have good taste, we look for new materials and we offer good prices, because we couldn’t be true to ourselves if we deprived anyone of this piece of art.

We bet we haven’t left you any excuses not to wear a wooden bow tie. We hope you have made up your mind and, in case you have any questions, you can reach us at info@mrbowtie.es