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We are proud to introduce you our new line of wooden accessories: our wooden watches. We have nine exclusive designs, for men and women, so you can choose the one you like the most.

After the success of our wooden bow ties, we have decided to launch our wooden watches collection. Our main goal is to offer, for the first time, an original accessory for women. This is why we have developed different designs for her (with a smaller size), as well as unisex designs and male designs. In this way, we can guarantee that anyone can wear one of our wooden watches.

You can find the best wooden watches in Mr. Bowtie’s website. These watches are very colorful and they are made from many kinds of wood, which offer infinite possibilities for the designs. In addition, the variety of materials, tones and hardness of the different woods give the wooden watches many different features and each one of them requires a special treatment. Mainly, our wooden watches are handmade with bamboo, red sandal, maplewood or ebony. All of them are combined in wonderful ways so you can enjoy original, colorful and unique wooden watches.

Mr. Bowtie’s best wooden watches

We have worked very hard to offer you a great line of wooden bow ties and you, our costumers, have received them with enthusiasm. You have expressed how much you like our wooden bow ties and how much originality they add to your special or everyday outfits. This is what has encouraged us to design the best wooden watches you have ever seen. We love that you feel comfortable with our brand and our products, and we enjoy offering such great accessories at an affordable price and with the best quality.

You can check out our catalogue and see our designs, so you can decide which one fits you best. We try to cover all kinds of styles by designing simple watches, such as Olivia or Bruno, elegant wooden watches such as David, sporty wooden watches such as Alex, colorful designs like Julia, Simon, Will and Kate, as well as serious and austere designs such as Peter.

We have specified all of their features in our website, but you can always contact us at info@mrbowtie.es. We will be happy to answer all of your questions whenever you need. We also accept any suggestions or comments. We are always trying to know your opinion, so that we can improve our designs even more and more.

Men’s wooden watches

If you are looking for an original accessory to match your wooden bow tie, you have just found it. Mr. Bowtie has brand new wooden watches for men, so you can all enjoy originality at all times. We encourage you to take a look at our new catalogue of wooden watches, because we are sure that you are going to find your new favorite watch. Within our wooden watches you will find colorful designs, formal and informal, 100% wooden designs and others that combine leather. You will be able to enjoy different textures and styles, colors and trends.

All of our wooden watches are handmade and unique. As we have already said before, wood can give our accessories a very incomparable personality. But also, because our wooden watches are not made by machines but humans, they can’t be exactly the same as the other ones. We know that you are looking for unique and original fashion, and that is exactly what we offer you with our wooden watches for men.

Women’s wooden watches

Mr. Bowtie has brought the best wooden watches for women. We love to innovate and we know that women of the twenty-first century are looking for new ways of adding an exceptional touch to their outfits. We know that you care about your looks and that you want to demonstrate how unique you are. This is why we have designed wooden watches for women as well. You can check out our female catalogue to see what design you like the most. As we know this is a very new accessory, we want to offer you different styles. In this way, you can choose the style that best matches your personality. On the one hand, we have Olivia. This wooden watch is made of bamboo and maple wood. It has very neutral tones and it is suitable for daily outfits. On the other hand, you can enjoy our Kate design. This wooden watch is perfect for a very daring woman, outgoing and full of color. You can also find more elegant styles, such as Julia, or a sporty design like Alex.

Our wooden watches for women are ready to revolutionize fashion, are you ready for them?